Originally posted on the Kinesis blog on April 25, 2017

The world does not stop for your triggers.

There are populations for whom triggers are responded to with swifter justice in general public response, and populations for whom triggers are de-legitimized, but nevertheless, the world does not stop for your triggers, no matter who you are.

This is why coping skills are important. And they are solely up to you. How you respond and learn to respond will be solely up to you. Simply because you recognize that something triggers you does not now mean that the entire existence of humanity will now work to wipe those things that may trigger you from all of human existence from that point forward, and that is an outlandish expectation for anyone to ever have.

If you have experienced trauma, you are going to be triggered at some point, and at several more points in life. It is solely up to you to learn and create for yourself, ways to keep functioning, even if it takes you a whole process. This does not mean that your own community should not be aware and sensitive and caring in regards to your trauma and the subsequent triggers during your recovery, but understand that you will be recovering for the rest of your life.

Simply because or the fact that something triggers you does not then mean that the entire train is derailed. Add a car. Add some seats. Get off and make your own train. Whatever you need… but the onus of action is on you.

We all have traumas, some more intense than others. All the more reason for us to be caring about one another, and also all the more reason for each of us to be understanding of that fact.