I am a wellness advocate, socio-cultural historian, and educator.

I help black communities and especially black women by giving them the information they need to make more informed decisions about their personal wellness so that they can thrive and better serve their families and communities.

Women’s March in DC… Not for Me

Originally posted on the Kinesis blog on January 21, 2017. Let me begin by stating very clearly that ​I love my individual sisters who’ve chosen to march in DC today and admire their convictions. I am here for what them and what they feel and what they support... read more

Sex vs. Gender: Empathy Goes a Long Way

Originally posted on the Kinesis blog on March 7, 2017. You and only you are solely responsible for your ability to empathize with other human beings, especially when some of those human beings are part of your own nation or ethnic group. Granted, there are instances... read more

Morning Thoughts

Originally posted to Kinesis Blog on June 23, 2015 There’s this strange yet warm and inviting peace that comes at daybreak after trying times. It’s a peace I revel but exist in. The simple joy of BEing. Of not worrying or even caring about what dreams came through the... read more