Originally posted to Kinesis Blog on June 23, 2015

There’s this strange yet warm and inviting peace that comes at daybreak after trying times. It’s a peace I revel but exist in. The simple joy of BEing. Of not worrying or even caring about what dreams came through the night or what concerns existed the previous day. There’s a clarity that passes all understanding or egotistical need to understand. I don’t need to understand it. I’m here and I AM. That beautiful connection with life, and all that is. Love itself radiates from within, without. It’s as if the very sunshine itself breathes with me and breathes into my lungs. In this space, I understand in an unspoken way, each smile, each tear, each struggle, each triumph, of all things and all people; all the sweet things of life, no matter how bitter the initial passing.

For these moments, I give thanks. They come without warning. They come without my depending on them, but I always can trust on them to arrive. It keeps my belief alive in myself, in all of us and in the universe. It keeps my belief alive in existence itself; in its ability to surge forward without provocation. It keeps my understanding firm that all is connected, and that I am the all. We all are. All that exists. This is godhood.